Looking for a Cookeville Family Lawyer?

It’s not often that someone needs an attorney when things are going well. This is especially true in the event of divorce or a contested custody battle. Families become stressed, and can sometimes find themselves at an impasse as to where to go next. Mothers , Fathers, Grandparents, and Children could potentially become stuck in a no-man’s land of arguing and refusal to cooperate unless someone takes the first step to do something about it. Court action is sometimes the only way out.

The Law Office of Kelsy Austin Miller focuses primarily on Family Law, and areas of law that directly affect families. The main goal of our office is to ensure that you remain educated about your options throughout your case, and maintain realistic expectations. We offer insight into the current legal standards and the local practices of the courts so that you may make the best decision for your case and your family. We work with your goals and objectives in mind, and hope to help clients keep the finish line in sight while looking at the big picture.


Whether your goal is to obtain a divorce as quickly as possible while ensuring that your rights are protected, or if it is to provide an estate plan that would determine who would care for your children in the event that both parents pass on, our office offers a broad range of services specifically for families. We want to take as much of the stress out of the process as possible, and provide our clients with the guidance they seek when faced with new possibilities.

moms_with_kids_through_divorceOur clients are directly involved in developing the strategy of their case. We provide a compassionate legal team to guide you through your situation in the following types of cases: uncontested divorces, contested divorces, child support, custody, visitation, defense in DCS cases, private dependency and neglect actions, Fathers’ Rights, grandparent visitation rights, establishing paternity, adoption, name changes, conservatorships, guardianships, wills, powers of attorney, orders of protection and contempt petitions.

If you’re not sure which category your particular circumstance falls under, that’s alright. The initial consultation is always free so that we can discuss your facts and determine what needs to be done.