There's_Hope_After_DivorceWhen a couple decides that it’s no longer in their best interests to be together, a divorce may be the best option. Our office can assist clients with either an agreed divorce or a contested divorce. During the divorce process, we will educate our clients about their different options, and give advice as to what may be the most beneficial route.

Mom_with_childIn a divorce, a married couple goes through the process of dividing their assets and liabilities that were collected during the course of the marriage. If there are children involved, the couple will also work through a permanent parenting plan to determine the schedule and method of co-parenting the children. There are also the issues of alimony and child support that may need to be addressed. If the divorce is an “agreed” divorce, this means that the parties have already agreed on how to divide everything, and how to co-parent their children.

A contested divorce is any divorce in which there are remaining issues on which the parties cannot agree. In both instances, a person needs to have an attorney to guide them through the process. This would consist of completing the paperwork properly in the case of an agreed divorce. In a contested divorce, it would include the attorney negotiating on the client’s behalf, attending mediation, performing discovery, and preparing for and attending trial.