Child Custody / Parenting Plans

two_kids_w_momObviously, not everyone with children is married. Sometimes unmarried parents are able to live together and/or co-parent cooperatively for quite a while, sometimes even until the children reach adulthood. Other times, however, a couple decides to go their separate ways.

What happens with the children at this point?

Who has superior rights?

Who is responsible for child support and how much should that be?

These are all questions that a permanent parenting plan are designed to answer. Our law office will assist a client in filing paperwork which asks the court to adopt their proposed parenting plan. Hopefully, both parties will agree as to how to co-parent their child and the schedule for custody. In the event that an agreement is not reached on all issues discussed in a parenting plan, or if there are only minor issues left to be resolved, then your attorney needs to prepare for a hearing in which the Judge would decide on your parenting time based upon the relevant laws. Child support is set using a child support worksheet. Our office helps to complete this worksheet for our clients.