Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Certified Divorce Financial Analystâ„¢

After years of meeting with divorce clients, Ms. Miller realized that clients frequently had questions about division of large assets, changing their standards of living, and potential tax consequences of divorce. She decided she wanted to know more so she could educate and empower her clients to make the best decisions for them, and for their families. This led her to become a CDFA.

Ms. Miller completed a rigorous self-study program, and completed four individual examinations at the completion of each module to become a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. Part of the training included training to discover hidden assets of a spouse, mathematical equations to determine accurate valuations of pension plans, and the tax treatment of alimony and child support. As a result of her training, Ms. Miller is able to discuss the various possible outcomes of proposed settlements, and present various options to the court in the event litigation is required. Gathering and analyzing the data of both parties enables Ms. Miller to review proposals of divorce settlements in a greater context than education as an attorney alone provides, and give informed advice about whether a proposal is equitable.

Because an attorney cannot testify during litigation of a case, Ms. Miller can determine if your tax professional would be a necessary witness on your behalf to educate the court on what you believe to be the most beneficial division of your assets and liabilities.

While this does not mean that Ms. Miller is a certified public accountant, a financial planner, or any other tax professional, the training of a CDFA is tailored specifically to reviewing the assets and liabilities of parties in a divorce proceeding, analyzing the potential consequences of proposed settlements, and accurately determining the extent of the marital estate and incomes of the divorcing spouses.