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Divorce is a trying time for everyone involved, even if it’s a mutual agreement. It’s also a complicated legal maneuver, so having good representation is paramount. Cookeville, TN Divorce Attorney Kelsy Miller is experienced in representing all types of divorce. Read More…

Child Custody

Child custody is a very significant part of most divorce cases, and can be a continued issue for years to come. Rest assured that Kelsy Miller’s step-by-step plan for winning your child custody case is the best in the business. Read More…

Post-Divorce Litigation

After your divorce case is settled, you might not be finished with the legal side of things. Next comes post-divorce litigation, and Kelsy Austin Miller will help keep you informed and in control during this part of the process. Read More…


Ms. Miller knows that clients have questions about dividing large assets, changing living standards, and tax consequences of divorce. She decided she wanted to educate and empower her clients, and this led her to become a CDFA. Read More…

Family Mediator

Ms. Miller has been a Rule 31 Listed Family Law Mediator since 2015, and has facilitated settlements that both parties find agreeable. Her experiences as a family attorney provide mediation participants with a great amount of detail in their agreements. Read More…

Other Areas

On top of divorce and child custody services, Kelsy Austin Miller offers several other family law services, such as adoption, surrogacy agreements, and appeals. Contact her office today for a free consultation, or stop by anytime. Read More…


Awesome Lawyer

Kelsy is an awesome lawyer who takes her time to talk to you about your concerns with your case, and her law office reflects this as well. She acts very professional inside and outside of court. Kelsy has always remained positive no matter the outcome of my custody...

read more

Exceptional To Work With

Kelsy and her staff were exceptional to work with. From the very beginning of our case she took her time to make certain every detail was correct and accurate. We were absolutely overjoyed with the outcome of our case and if ever we need another family law attorney...

read more

Completely Satisfied

I have NEVER been dissatisfied with Mrs.Millers services. She is very professional and always does her best to keep you informed! My husband and I have been going through a custody battle with my step son since December 2012. At first we used a small town attorney and...

read more
Do You Have Any Questions?
How long will my case take?
Every case is different. Because of this, no exact predictions can be made as to how long a particular matter will take. Resolution of cases depends on the amount of discovery required, the schedule of the attorney, schedule of the parties and opposing counsel, schedule of the court, amount of assets, etc. The attorney will work with the client to assist in expectation management and the legal team will work to keep clients updated as to where clients are in the context of their particular matter.
How Much Will My Case Cost?
This is a frequently asked question when potential clients call to schedule consultations. Retainer fees are always set during the consultation based upon the type of case you have, location, number of parties involved, etc. You will most likely be quoted a retainer fee prior to leaving the consultation. The retainer fee is not required until you decide to hire our office to represent you. The engagement letter also will list other associated costs of your case so that you may be fully prepared to begin.
What’s the purpose of a consultation?
A consultation is meant to determine whether this office is the best fit for your potential case, we offer free consultations. A consultation is an opportunity for you to meet with the attorney to discuss what steps would be involved in your case. During the consultation, the attorney will gather information and identify your main objectives.
How do I hire this office to represent me?
Most of the time, potential clients will leave with a document called an Engagement Letter. This serves as the contract between the client and attorney, and is one of the two requirements to establishing the attorney-client relationship. The other requirement to establish the relationship is the retainer fee. The potential client will also be given instructions of the next steps to take after the consultation.
What do I bring to a consultation?
If you’ve been served with any paperwork regarding a case that’s already begun, or have documentation that demonstrates the basis for your case, please bring those with you. We ask that all clients and potential clients refrain from bringing children into the office for any consultation or appointment. We ask that children not come to the office for several reasons. In family law cases, the children are often the subject matter of the pending litigation. A lawyer and the potential client are discussing adult matters which are not appropriate for children. And lastly, the attorney cannot fully concentrate and give your case the full attention it requires if your child is in the office and needs supervision, or if the conversations must be edited. If children must come to your consultation or appointment, we only ask that you bring another adult to supervise your child in the lobby. Our staff cannot be responsible for supervising children.
How do I schedule a consultation?
Simply call our office at 931-528-7790, and tell the team member who answers the phone that you would like to schedule a consultation. They will ask you a few questions so that Ms. Miller will already have an idea of what will be discussed, and you can get the most out of your scheduled time. You will be asked to leave a secure number that we may use in order to confirm your appointment, or reschedule should the need arise. The team member will find a time that works with your schedule.
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